MCom Finance

About M.Com in Finance

M.Com in Finance is a postgraduate program which focuses mainly on the systematic study of finance and specialist fields. M.Com in Finance is a 2- year management course, minimum eligibility for which is a B.Com degree. Under the M.Com Finance course candidates develop sufficient data processing skills and quantitative techniques.

The course is designed to provide a wide range of financial skills to the students while building competence in a particular area of business. Under the M.Com course in Finance, students learn about general business, accounting, finance, business management, human resources, marketing and so on.

M.Com in Finance is the right choice for candidates who are interested in pursuing a PG degree to gain knowledge about primary concepts of finance.

The eligibility criterion for pursuing this course is a Bachelor's degree with commerce subjects such as accounts, maths and economics. Candidates having completed graduation in B.Com./ B.B.A./ B.B.S. or another equivalent degree with a minimum of 55% marks in aggregate are eligible to apply.

Why Opt for M.Com in Finance

The candidates who are interested in finance from any field of education can choose M.Com in Finance course.

Candidates with innovative thinking and good communication and leadership skills should apply for M.Com in Finance course .

Candidates who have an understanding of the corporate structure and are conscious of all tax and other financial regulations should apply for this course

Those who have successfully completed the course can have wide scope both with regard to higher education like PhD and career.

After completion of the course, candidates can find countless job openings in the financial sector.

Master's degree courses in the relevant field of interest help the candidate develop a successful career in the field of banking and financial sector.

Students also have a lot of career opportunity in teaching as well.